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Profile Summary

Name : Dr. Mamta Awasthi
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Centre for Energy Studies
Qualification : PhD
Phone : 7018364720
Email ID :
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Date of Birth : 01-01-1970
Joining Date : 01-01-1970


Environment,Bioremediation, Biofuels, Bioenergy, Environmental Microbiology, Phycology

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Educational Qualification

Name of the Degree Year of Passing Institute/University
PhD 1995 Banaras Hindu University
Post graduation 1990 Banaras Hindu University
Graduation 1988 Banaras Hindu University

Teaching Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To Total Experience
Assistant Professor CEEE 24/06/2009 12yrs
Lecturer BIET, Lucknow 01/05/2008 31/07/2009 1yr
Lecturer IET, Lucknow 01/07/2007 30/06/2008 1yr
Post-doctoral Fellow CSIR (Direct), RGU, Itanagar 01/01/2002 31/07/2006 5yrs
SRF GATE, BHU, Varanasi 01/01/1996 30/11/1997 2 yrs

Administrative Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To
Warden Ambika Girls Hostel ,NITH 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Warden Aravali Girls Hostel, NITH 01/07/2017 01/01/2019
Warden PGH Girls Hostel, NITH 01/01/2019 30/11/2020
Convener (DUGC)-Faculty in charge CEEE NITH 01/01/2014 31/03/2020
Library-in-charge CEEE NITH 01/07/2010 31/05/2020
FI, Green and Clean campur NITH 21/06/2021 15/09/2022
FI, Newsletter Magzine NITH 01/07/2020 01/02/2021
Nodal Officer, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan NITH 01/05/2019 01/07/2020
Member, Rapid response Team NITH 07/01/2022 01/04/2022
Convener, Zero Waste Management Committee NITH 30/11/2021
Head,CES CES NITH 20/01/2022
FI and coordinator Sustainability club of NITH 10/11/2022

Research Experience

Research Interests : Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Biofuels, Bioenergy, Bioremediation, Environmental Microbiology, Phycology, Ecology, E-waste Management, Water pollution studies
Brief Research Profile : Interdisciplinary Interest in Biological solution to the environmental problems and Energy generation, Multidisciplinary approach is must for complete remedy of any research problem. Sustainability of the resources and zero waste society is needed in any aspect of Energy, Environment and society.
Research Projects
Role Project Type Title Funding Agency From To Amount Status Co-Investigator Sanction Order Sanction Date
Investigator Post-doctoral research project Feeding behavior of common carp (Cyprinus Carpio.L) and algal feed availability in high altitude Rice-fish culture system CSIR 01/02/2002 30/07/2006 7 lakh completed Prof DN Das 9/822(1)/2002-EMRI; 3(42)071-2K/1 14/01/2002
Principal investigator Research Project Scalable small scale business model for E-waste management through 3Rs, deep learning collection system, and market chain in NIT Hamirpur (HP) Ministry of Education, Govt of INDIA 15/11/2022 15/11/2025 41.04 lakhs Running NIL 07/11/2022
PI, Project Partner in Multi-institutional Project Multi-Institutional Research Project Advanced microalgal biorefinery approach for recycling of domestic sewage/wastewater for cleaner and greener Himalayan region National Mission on Himalayan Studies Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) 30/03/2023 29/03/2026 96.75 Lakhs Recommended letter Ref. No.: NMHS/2022-23/MG 85/02/281 Date: 14.03.2023 Project Proponent PI SSS-National Institute of Bioenergy, Kapurthala Ref. No.: NMHS/2022-23/MG 85/02/281 Date: 14.03.2023 14/03/2023

Journal Publications

Year Journal Author(s) Publication Indexing
1998 Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (earlier Electro- and Magnetobiology), USA Rai, S., Singh, U.P., Awasthi, M. and Pandey, S. (1998) Physiological responses of the cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans to a magnetic field.17,145-160 (1998) SCI IF=2.882
2004 International Journal of Algae(Scopus) Awasthi, M. and Das D.N Heavy metal toxicity on nitrate reductase activity of free and immobilized algal cells.6 (2) (2004) Scopus
2004 Clean- Soil, Air and Water (Earlier Acta Hydrochim. Hydrobiol.,Germany Awasthi, M. and Rai, L.C. Effect of nickel and cadmium on ammonium uptake kinetics of free and immobilized cells of Anacystis nidulans. 32(2) (2004) SCI IF=1.77
2005 Algological Studies(Archive fur hydrobiologia) Awasthi, M. and Das, D.N. Impact of Ni, Zn and Cd on growth rate, photosynthetic activity, nitrate reductase and alkaline phosphatase activity of free and immobilized Scenedesmus quadricauda. Awasthi, M. and Das, D.N. Algological Studies(Archive fur hydrobiologia) (Scopus) 115 (2005) 53-64 115 (2005) Scopus
2006 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Awasthi, M., Das, D.N. and Singh R.K. Seasonal Algal Analysis from the Fish-gut Tested in the Rice-fish Cropping System 10 (2006) Scopus
2006 Clean -Soil ,Air and Water (Earlier Acta Hydrochim. Hydrobiol.) Awasthi, M. and Rai, L.C. Interactions between Zinc and Cadmium Uptake by Free and Immobilized Cells of Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Breb. 34 (2006) SCI IF=1.77
2004 Annals of microbiology, Italy Awasthi, M. and Rai, L.C. Adsorption of nickel, zinc and cadmium by immobilized green algae and cyanobacteria: a comparative study.54(3) (2004) SCI IF=3.168
2005 Annals of microbiology (SCI) Awasthi, M. and Das, D.N. Heavy metal stress on growth, photosynthesis and enzymatic activities of free and immobilized Chlorella vulgaris. SCI IF= 3.168
2005 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Awasthi, M. and Rai, L.C. Toxicity of Nickel, Zinc and Cadmium to nitrate uptake in free and immobilized cells of Scenedesmus quadricauda.62(2) (2005) SCI IF= 7.129
2005 International J of environmental Science and Technology Awasthi, M. Nitrate reductase activity: a solution to nitrate problems tested in free and immobilized algal cells in presence of heavy metals.,2 (2005) SCI IF= 3.519
2006 International J of environmental Science and Technology Awasthi, Mamta. Das, D.N. and Singh R.K. Qualitative algal analysis from the fish-gut: tested in the rice-fish cropping system Supplement 3 (1) (2006) SCI IF=3.519
2012 J. Mater. Environ. Sci. Awasthi, M. Relevance of Alkaline Phosphatase activity of immobilized green and cyanobacteria for heavy metal toxicity monitoring Awasthi, M. J. Mater. Environ. Sci. (Scopus) 3 (3) (2012) Scopus
2013 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Mamta Awasthi and Shiwali Rana Saccharification of Banana Peels for Ethanol Production,8 (12) (2013) Scopus
2015 International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology Vivek Prakash Pankaj and Mamta Awasthi Optimization and validation of microalgal growth condition by response surface methodology (RSM)Vol.7,No.1, 2015 Scopus
2019 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vivek Agarwal and Mamta Awasthi Potential of Cordia Obliqua for turbidity removal in potable water, Vol 23(8) Scopus
2020 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Mamta Awasthi Effect of heavy metals interaction with ammonium on growth behavior of C.vulgaris, 24(3) Scopus
2020 Pollution Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. Study on an Existing PV/Wind Hybrid System Using Biomass Gasifier for Energy Generation, 6(2) Scopus
2020 International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. Study of grid integrated biomass-based hybrid renewable energy systems for Himalayan terrain. Scopus
2021 International Journal of Energy Research, Wiley Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. Biomass-based gaseous fuel for hybrid renewable energy systems: an overview and future research opportunities. Int J Energy Res. 2020;1–31. (SCI Indexed), Impact factor:3.741 SCI I .F. = 5.164
2021 International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Springer Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. Techno-economic analysis of decentralized biomass energy system and CO2 reduction in the Himalayan region, IF:1.87 SCI I.F = 5.164
2021 Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Elsevier Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. (2021). Techno-economic and Environmental analysis of biomass-based hybrid energy systems: A Case study of a Western Himalayan State in India ,Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Elsevier, SCI indexed, Impact Factor: 3.427 (Accepted) SCI, I.F. = 8.2
2021 International Journal of Algae Awasthi, M. Distribution of phytoplankton and periphyton in the shallow Rice-fish fields of Arunachal Pradesh, India Scopus
2019 In 2019 8th International Conference on Power Systems (ICPS) Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. Analysis of sensitive parameters influencing a SPV/WT/Biomass/Battery based hybrid system. scopus
2013 International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Awasthi, M. Jot jeewan K, Rana S. Bioethanol production through water hyacinth, eichhornia crassipes via optimization of the pretreatment conditions. Scopus
2013 International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Awasthi, M. Karishma DR Energy through Agricultural Residues in Rural India: Potential, Status and Problems. Scopus
2022 Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Elsevier Malik, P., Awasthi, M., & Sinha, S. A techno-economic investigation of grid integrated hybrid renewable energy systems SCI I.F. = 8,2
2023 Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments Prashant Malik, Mamta Awasthi, Subho Upadhyay, Prachi Agrawal, Gautam Raina, Shubham Sharma, Manish Kumar, Sunanda Sinha Planning and optimization of sustainable grid integrated hybrid energy system in India SCI IF= 8.2

Conference Publications

Year Conference Author(s) TitleIndexing
2019 8th International Conference on Power Systems , Jaipur, INDIA P. Malik, M. Awasthi and S. Sinha Analysis of sensitive parameters influencing a SPV/WT/Biomass/Battery based hybrid system. Web of Science/ Scopus
2021 2021 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Smart Technologies for Power, Energy and Control (STPEC) Prashant Malik, Sunanda Sinha, Mamta Awasthi, Kishan Aggarwal Hybrid operational approach for PV/DG microgrid without storage device IEEE

Book/Chapters Written

Type Title Publisher Author(s) ISBN/ISSN No. Year
Book chapter The Potential of Biogas Production Through Anaerobic Digestion of Algae (Chapter 7) Awasthi, M. and Vivek Prakash Pankaj Thomas G. Fraser (ed.), Publisher: DK Printworld (P) Ltd. (2013) ISBN 10: 8192570207 - ISBN 13: 9788192570204 - 2013 5 Thomas G. Fraser (ed.), Publisher: DK Printworld (P) Ltd. (2013) Awasthi, M. and Vivek Prakash Pankaj ISBN 10: 8192570207 - ISBN 13: 9788192570204 - 2013 2013
Book chapter The potential of algal species for integrated biofuel production and its applications Pgs 294 Vivek Prakash Pankaj and Mamta Awasthi Edited by SACHIN KUMAR, S.K. TYAGI, © Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy, Kapurthala-2013 E-version published by SSS-NIRE. (2013) ISBN 978-81-927097-1-0, 2013 5 Edited by SACHIN KUMAR, S.K. TYAGI, © Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy, Kapurthala-2013 E-version published by SSS-NIRE. (2013) Vivek Prakash Pankaj and Mamta Awasthi ISBN 978-81-927097-1-0, 2013 2013
Book chapter Factors influencing algal growth Energy, Kapurthala-2013 Electronic version published by SSS-NIRE Edited by SACHIN KUMAR, S.K. TYAGI, © Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of 5Renewable Energy, K5apurthala-2013 E version published by SSS-NIRE. (2013) Jeewan Jyoti and Mamta Awasthi ISBN 978-81-927097-1-0 2013
Book chapter Biogas Plants in Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh: Successes And Setbacks Pg 183 Publishers: Agrobios International Editors R.KBehl, R.N.Chhibar, S.Jain,V.P.Bahl,N.El Bassam (2013) Mamta Awasthi and Kavinder patial ISBN No.: 978-93-81191-01-9 2013
Book chapter Nickel-induced inhibition of phosphate-uptake in Anacystis nidulans: A comparative study between the kinetics of free and immobilized cells, pgs109- 116 Dwivedi, Brijesh Kant, ed , Publisher: Allahabad Bioved Research Society 1999 Awasthi, M. ISBN 8185722161, 9788185722160 1999
Book chapter Techno-Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Producer Gas-Based IC Engine in a Hybrid Energy System IN:Alternative Fuels and Advanced Combustion Techniques as Sustainable Solutions for Internal Combustion Engines Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Dhananjay Kumar, Avinash Kumar Agarwal Publisher: Springer Nature Prashant Mallick and Mamta Awasthi 978-981-16-1512-2, ISBN: 978-981-16-1513-9 2021
Book chapter Recent Advancement and Efficiency Hindering Factors in the Wastewater Treatment Plant: A Review. Springer IN: Madhav, S., Singh, P., Mishra, V., Ahmed, S., Mishra, P.K. (eds) Recent Trends in Wastewater Treatment. Springer, Cham. Awasthi, M., Moten, T. 978-3-030-99857-8 2022
Book Chapter Green Synthesis of Silver Nano-Particle from Cyanobacteria and Effect on Microalgal Growth and Production of Exopolysaccharide (EPS) intechopen Shailendra Yadav, Shilpa Chandra, Amardeep, Avinash Kumar and Mamta Awasthi 10.5772 2022

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Superivisor(s)
Ph.D Dr Vivek Prakash Pankaj Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Microalgae for Biofuel production in Hamirpur (H.P) completed 2016 -
Ph.D Dr Amit Yadav Solar radiation prediction using artificial neural network completed 2015 Prof SS Chandel
Ph.D Dr Sunanda Ganguli Study of photovoltaic wind based hybrid power generation systems in western himalayan terrain completed 2016 Prof SS chandel
Ph.D Prashant Malik Study of Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation Systems Completed 2022 -
Ph.D Kumar vaibhav Analysis of Existing E-waste Disposal in Indian Scenario & System Dynamics modelling for sustainable disposal Ongoing 2019 -
M.Tech Kavinder Patial Constructional and Operational Study of Biogas Plant in Hamirpur District. completed 2012 -
M.Tech Vineeta Bharti Pine needle briquetting in Hamirpur completed 2012 -
M.Tech Shiwali Rana Pretreatment for Ethanol production through banana peel completed 2013 -
M.Tech Jot sindhu Ethanol production through water hyacinth completed 2013 -
M.Tech Karishma Rani Biogasification of rice husk completed 2013 -
M.Tech Ankush Gaur Green IT Policy completed 2015 Dr Rajiv, CSE
M.Tech Gopesh Tiwari Power production through biogas: A case study completed 2015 -
M.Tech Manish Economical Algal bioreactor fabrication in laboratory completed 2016 -
M.Tech Satyaprakash Design of algal photobioreactor for inoculum development completed 2016 -
M.Tech Esther Decentrallized Composting for hamirpur completed 2016 -
M.Tech Harshit Tyagi Life cycle assessment of water treatment plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Amit Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater from in and around Hospital Area completed 2017 -
M.Tech Sarabjeet chawla Effect on groundwater by landfill in ludhiana completed 2017 -
M.Tech Manu Sharma A study on preparation and dissemination of compost through urban solid waste completed 2017 -
M.Tech Monika Dubey Photo Fenton process for treatment of landfill leachate completed 2017 -
M.Tech G Yagneshwar Rao Microbial Fuel cell for wastewater treatment and power generation completed 2017 -
M.Tech Arunjyoti Performance analysis of Solar power plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Gaurav Joshi Performance Analysis Of Evacuated Solar Water Heater completed 2017 -
M.Tech Hans Biodiesel production and engine efficiency completed 2017 -
M.Tech Deepak Arya Decolorization of Synthetic Dyes using mono and mixed culture technique completed 2018 -
M.Tech Vivek Agrawal Potential of Cordia obliqua and Tradescantia pallida in Turbidity removal of Surface Water completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sachin Kumar Singh Analysis of Food Waste Utilization in NIT Hamirpur completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sandeep Kumar Analysis of Phosphate removal using Ca(OH)2 Modified Zeolite based Adsorbents completed 2018 -
M.Tech Neha Mishra Performance of Algal Assisted Microbial Fuel Cell Generating Electricity from Wastewater completed 2018 -
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Developing a Low Cost water Purifier for Non-Industrial region and Industrial region, India completed 2018 -
M.Tech CH Vikram Power Quality Improvement for Single-Phase Grid Connected Small-Scale WECS completed 2018 -
M.Tech Aditya Ushara Energy and Cost Analysis for Efficient Mushroom Cultivation: A Case Study completed 2018 -
M.Tech Jitendra Yadav Economically Feasible Processing of Algae for Biofuel Production completed 2018 -
M.Tech Faisal Ali Evaluation of Aloe vera gel as flocculant for harvesting microalgae Chlorella vulgaris completed 2018 -
M.Tech Anoop Panwar Phosphorus recovery in the form of struvite from urine completed 2019 -
M.Tech Kumar Vaibhav Vermicompost as a Waste Management Technique for Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste completed 2019 -
M.Tech Aftab Hussain Plastic Waste Generation, Composition And Potential For Recycling In South Dehli, India completed 2019 -
M.Tech Prakhar Prakash Cost Effective Ettringite Precipitation & Removal Efficiency of Sulphate from Municipal Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Bindu Efficiency of Waste Tea Leaves and Grounded Pine Cone as Bio-adsorbent for Iron Removal completed 2019 -
M.Tech Vishakha Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo Red Dye by Iron Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles completed 2019 -
M.Tech Deepa Analysis of ammonia removal using Zeolite as Adsorbent completed 2019 -
M.Tech Rahul Impact of Fins on Solar Distillation completed 2019 -
M.Tech Ashwini Analysis of Indirect Solar Dryer with Phase Change Material completed 2019 -
M.Tech Priyashree Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Treatment for Dairy Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Shashank Shrinit Recovery of phosphorus through vivianite crystallization formation from wastewater treatment processes. completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ankita Soni Fluoride removal using Pine cone biochar and Banana Peel Dust completed 2020 -
M.Tech Rahul Singh CHARACTERIZATION OF PINE BIOCHAR completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ashok Kumar Potential of Natural Coagulants used for Turbidity completed 2020 -
M.Tech Aditya Harsh Removal of Colour from Water using Natural Coagulants completed 2020 -
M.Tech Tushar Moten Comparative analysis between Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor and Activated Sludge system for the treatment of Pulp and Paper mill effluent completed 2021
M.Tech Shubham ketan sharma Hydrometallurgical Leaching of Copper from Waste Printed Circuit Boards completed 2021
M.Tech Musavir rafiq Estimation of waste mobile phones and personal computers: A case study of NIT Hamirpur completed 2021
M.Tech Zahid Ibrahim baige Analysis of e-waste generation and flow pattern study in Kashmir completed 2021
Ph.D Shailendra kumar Yadav Nanosynthesis of Algal biochar ongoing 2022


Name Reg./Ref.No. Date of Award/Filling Organization Status

Conference/Workshop/Courses Organized

Category Type Title Venue From To Designation
workshop Short term course STC-Solar Devices Skill development program NIT Hamirpur 04/03/2022 05/03/2022 Coordinator
workshop workshop workshop on sustainable technology NIT Hamirpur 23/03/2023 24/02/2023 Chairman and coordinator

Expert Talks

Title Place Year Description of Event


Title of Consultancy Client Organization Faculty Involved Amount(INR) Status

International and National Exposure

Sr.No. Title Description
1 Towards sustainable biofuel production: Microalgae Singapore, 13-14th Feb 2012, SEES 2012: Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences

Honors & Recognitions Achieved

Sr.No. Title Activity Given By Year
1 RA Post doctoral Research Fellow CSIR 2002
2 SRF Research MHRD, GATE 1995
3 JRF Research MHRD, GATE 1992
4 JRF Research MoEN, MHRD 1991
5 JRF Research BHU Fellowship 1990
6 Member, State Pollution Control Board Expert Member State Pollution control Board, HP 2017
7 Member, State Pollution Control Board Expert Member State Pollution control Board, HP 2018
8 Member, State Pollution Control Board Expert Member State Pollution control Board, HP 2019

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