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Name : Dr. Raj Kumar Jarial
Designation : Associate Professor
Department : Electrical Engineering
Qualification : Ph.D.
Phone : 01972-254538
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Date of Birth : 01-01-1970
Joining Date : 10-10-1994


Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives

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Educational Qualification

Name of the Degree Year of Passing Institute/University
1.High School (10th) 1981 SGN Khalsa High School,Jagadhri Workshop, Distt. Ambala (Haryana) HBSE, Bhiwani, Haryana
2.Pre- Engg. (12th) 1984 MLN College,Yamuna Nagar Distt. Ambala (Haryana)
3. Bsc. Engineering ( Electrical) - 5 Year Program 1989 REC Kurukshetra (Haryana)
4.M.Tech ( Electrical Engineering) 1992 REC Kurukshetra, (Haryana)
5. Ph.D. 2007 MNIT Jaipur ( Rajasthan)

Teaching Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To Total Experience
Lecturer Electrical Engineering, REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 10/10/1994 09/10/1999 05 years
Sr. Lecturer Electrical Engineering, REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 10/10/1999 30/06/2005 05 Years+
Lecturer (Select. Grade) Electrical Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 01/07/2005 13/07/2007 02 Years
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 14/07/2007 30/06/2008 01 Year
Associate Professor Electrical Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 01/07/2008 12 Years+

Administrative Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To
Resident Warden (Kailash Boys Hostel) REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 17/10/1994 10/01/1996
Faculty Officer –In- Charge(OIC)Students Training & educational tours)EED EED,REC Hamirpur(H.P.) 26/02/1996 20/01/2021
Officer- In-Charge (OIC) High Voltage Lab. EED,REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 10/11/1994 20/01/2021
Warden (Mani Mahesh Boys Hostel) REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 27/01/1997 28/07/1999
PI & Co-ordinator, TIFAC Centre of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) in Power Transformer Diagnostics TIFAC DST Delhi. REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 20/11/2000 01/02/2006
Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Power Electronics Lab. EED,REC Hamirpur (H.P.) 06/05/2003 02/05/2018
Re-Assigned Co-ordinator, TIFAC CORE NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 31/08/2012 21/06/2019
Co-ordinator(Upkeep Monitoring),NIT Hamirpur NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 06/04/2015 30/03/2018
Associate Dean (Research and collaborations) NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 01/05/2018 01/05/2019
Faculty Mentor ( Energy Conservation Group) NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 27/08/2019
Re-Assigned Co-ordinator, TIFAC CORE NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) 11/09/2020

Research Experience

Research Interests : Power Electronic Systems, High Voltage Engg., Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers, Electrical Machines and Energy Systems
Brief Research Profile : Condition assessment of power transformers has been a widely open multi engineering disciplinary field of research. With emerging trends in newer insulation materials, IOT applications and sensors, the trends of built in- on line tools to monitor the key electrical health parameters have remarkable impact in asset management. The researchers have established that there exist lot of scope of academic collaboration between academicians, power equipment manufacturers and application field utility engineers for putting up co-ordinated effort to solve pertinent issues concerning enhancement of useful life span of existing substation power apparatus/transformers in preventing catastrophic failures. It can also help in ensuring smooth reliable supply of electric power to all stakeholders in national endeavor.
Research Projects
Role Project Type Title Funding Agency From To Amount Status Co-Investigator Sanction Order Sanction Date
PI R & D Faculty Individual Project Automated Grain Drying System Centre of Excellence Grant 01/11/1996 03/12/1998 Rs. 1.1 Lacs Completed - REC/HMR/COE/R & D/RKJ/3/1996 01/11/1996
Co-PI MODROBS MODROBS in High Voltage Lab. EED, REC Hamirpur MHRD, GOI Delhi 23/03/1998 30/05/1999 Rs 5.0 Lacs Completed Dr M N Bandyopadhyay (PI) T S V/1998 23/03/1998
Co-PI MODROBS MODROBS in High Voltage Lab. EED REC Hamirpur MHRD, GOI Delhi 24/03/1999 30/06/2000 Rs 5.0 Lacs Completed Dr M N Bandyopadhyay (PI) TS V/1999 24/03/1999
Co-PI R & D Project Wheeling Transactions and Multi-area Interconnection of Power System network MHRD, GOI Delhi 31/03/2000 15/07/2004 Rs10.0 Lacs Completed Prof. Y R Sood (PI) F.No. 26-4.99 TS1 31/03/2000
Co-PI MODROBS MODROBS in High Voltage Lab. EED REC Hamirpur MHRD, GOI Delhi 28/03/2001 15/07/2004 Rs 10.0 Lacs Completed Dr M N Bandyopadhyay (PI) F.No 28.2.2000 . TS V 28/03/2001
PI & Co-ordinator Institute Development Industry Sponsored Triangular Linkage Project under VISION-2020 launched by Hon'ble President Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ji Creation of Self Sustainable TIFAC - Centre of Relevance & Excellence (CORE) in Power Transformer Diagnostics HP State Electricity Board Shimla, TIFAC (DST), Delhi and NIT Hamirpur (MHRD,GOI), Delhi 20/11/2000 01/02/2006 Rs 5.3 Crores From Feb. 2006 onwards, the charge of Co-ordinator,TIFAC Centre has been assigned to Head,EED from time to time. The Apex RMC Board, TIFAC CORE has declared completion of its implementation period as successful in its 12th meeting held on 01/09/2017. Now, proactive efforts are being made to run this Centre as self sustainable service providing entity in thematic area in State of Himachal Pradesh. Prof. M N Bandyopadhyay (Advisor), Prof. Y R Sood (Mentor) T/2002 30/05/2002
Co-PI MODROBS MODROBS in High Voltage Lab. EED NIT Hamirpur MHRD, GOI Delhi 31/03/2005 18/08/2009 Rs 12.0 Lacs Completed Prof. Y R Sood (PI) F.28-1/2004. TS. V 31/03/2005
PI MODROBS MODROBS in Power Electronics Lab. EED NIT Hamirpur MHRD, GOI Delhi 31/03/2005 21/04/2010 Rs 12.0 Lacs Completed Prof. Y R Sood (Co-PI) F.28-1/2004.TS.V 31/03/2005
Faculty Mentor R & D Project Smart monitoring and control of electric appliances for a village in Himachal Pradesh TEQIP-II Grant 13/11/2013 07/08/2014 Rs 37,991/- Completed - NIT/HMR/TEQIP-II/R & D -19/2013/2029-46 13/11/2013
Faculty Mentor R & D Project Design, Implementation and Performance analysis of Power Factor Correction Boost Converter using ADP1047 Converter TEQIP-II Grant 12/01/2015 21/05/2015 Rs 71,000/- Completed - NIT/HMR/TEQIP-II/R & D-19/2015/1941-62 12/01/2015
Faculty Mentor IEDC, Innovation Microgrid Implementation DST, Delhi 22/08/2018 18/09/2020 Rs 60,000/- Completed - NIT/HMR/IEDC/R & D/2/7888 22/08/2018
Faculty Mentor Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Funded Innovative Startup Development Scheme through Incubation Cell,NIT Hamirpur Design and Development of HHO Generator Directorate of Industry, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh 04/07/2019 18/09/2020 Incubate to get monthly Rs 25000.0 towards development of prototype Completed Dr Param Singh, Asstt. Prof. MED, NITH NITH/Incubate/2019/7 11/07/2019

Journal Publications

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Conference Publications

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Book/Chapters Written

Type Title Publisher Author(s) ISBN/ISSN No. Year
Book Computational Techniques for Transformer Diagnostics- practical applications LAMBERT Academic Publishing U. Mohan Rao, R K Jarial 978-3-659-85946-5 2016
SIE Book Problems and Solutions in Electrical Machinery McGraw Hill Education ( India) Pvt. Ltd. S D Umans (SOS Call- R K jarial)) 978-1-25-902886-1 2013
Book Chapter Soft Computing in Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Electrical and mechanical Systems Springer Nature Singapore P. Ltd. Hasmat 978-981-15-1532-3-4 2020
Book Electricity Pricing in Restructured Electrical Power Sector Novateur Publication Abhas K Singh, Y R Sood, R K Jarial 978-93-87901-12-4 2020

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Superivisor(s)
M.Tech Renu Thakur Study and Analysis on EMI/EMC issues Awarded 2008 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Naveen Kumar Sharma Experimental Investigation of DGA of Transformer Oil Awarded 2010 Dr Y. R. Sood
M.Tech Ravinder Singh Design & Performance Analysis of a FLC for SCADA System Awarded 2011 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Virender K. Sharma Failure analysis of power transformer Awarded 2011 -
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Failure analysis of distribution transformer Awarded 2011 -
M.Tech Deven Vatsal Electrical Health Monitoring of an Electrical apparatus by Insulation Analyzer Awarded 2011 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Amit Kumar Aging Characteristic of Porcelain Insulator Awarded 2011 Dr O.P.Rahi
M.Tech Rajanish Kumar Kaushal Transmission Expansion planning in deregulated power sector Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Ranga Chilaka An Investigation of novel approach for fault diagnosis in power electronics converters: the case of sub synchronous cascade drive Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Mohan Rao Ungarala Expert system in transformer diagnostics Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Kapil Gandhi Experimental investigation of accelerated stress on transformer insulation using FITR spectroscopy Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Sunandan Kumar Rotor fault diagnosis of induction motor using current signature analysis Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Navin Chandra Joshi Simulation of distribution transformer with internal incipient faults Awarded 2012 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Tarkeshwar To investigate EMI/EMC phenomena in electric and electronic gadgets Awarded 2012 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Kiran Jumar Kandregula Condition monitoring of induction motor and reliability estimation – An industrial case Awarded 2012 Dr. Rajiv K Sharma
M.Tech Hasmat Application of artificial intelligence for incipient fault diagnosis and condition assessment of power transformer Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Rakesh Thaplyal Design and temperature rise analysis of cascade H-bridge solid state transformer Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Suryakant Diagnosis of variable induction motor speed drives Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Suresh Kumar Dogra Monitoring of Peripheral Temperature of Electrical apparatus using Infrared Thermal imaging device (HOT-Shot) Awarded 2013 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Pankaj Shukla Experimental Investigation regarding prediction of residual life and health index of transformer using fuzzy logic Awarded 2013 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Gurmeet Singh Condition monitoring of PLC Controlled Induction Motor Drive Awarded 2013 -
M.Tech Sonu Kumar Study and analysis of Interfacial Tension of Transformer Oil and Impact on Assessing health Conditions of a Power Transformer Awarded 2013 -
M.Tech Mithun Mondal Earth Ground Resistance Measurement & Design of Earthing System for Electrical Grounding Awarded 2013 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech M. Raghuram Modulation and Protection Techniques in Matrix Converter Topology for Multi Converter Operation Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Priyesh Kumar Pandey Formulation of Health Index and End-of-Life assessment of Power Transformers Awarded 2014 -
M.Tech Abhas Kumar Singh Electricity Pricing in Deregulated Power Sector Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Harmendra Singh To investigate the Insulation Aging Of Transformer by BDV, Moisture, C & Tan Delta and DC Resistivity Measurement Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Madan Lal Modelling Of Partial Discharge activity in Solid Dielectric material Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Shrikant Residual Life assessment of power Transformer Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Abhishek Singh Condition assessment of OIP type power transformer bushing by latest dielectric response technique Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Jagnandan Negi Assessment of Oil-paper Insulation of Aged Power Transformer Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Alok Kumar Mathematical Modelling of winding dislocation of Transformer by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Natla Sudheer Reddy Thermal evaluation of rotating machine insulation paper Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Santanu Kumar Seth Analysis of electrical health of power transformer bushing and winding using insulation analyser Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Katuru Subramanyam Exploration and feasibility of vegetable oil for electrical apparatus Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Gaurav Upadhyay Investigation of forces using electromagnetic analysis of triangular wound core transformer Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Pavan Kumar Kandregula Modelling of partial discharge detection and calibration circuits Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Ajay Singh Negi Estimation of flux level for optimal operation and Improved aging of variable speed matrix converter fed induction motor drive Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Anurag Kumar Burman Effective interpretation of transformer SFRA signature using multi-resolution decomposition technique Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Alok Richarya Condition assessment of rotating machine using fuzzy logic based approach Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Veer Singh Meena Performance analysis of an induction motor drive by direct torque control method using MATLAB simulation Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Rachna Panwar End-of-life estimation of power transformer using risk based approach Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Md. Sabir Hasan Solar Photovoltaic Modelling for Extraction of Maximum Power using Artificial Intelligence Based Technique Awarded 2018 Dr. Chandrasekaran
M.Tech Neera Yadav Performance Analysis Nomex Paper Awarded 2018 Dr. Chandrasekaran
M.Tech Ankit Chouhan Comparative Evaluation of Nomex-910 and TUK Insulating Paper Thermally aged in Soya-based Natural Ester Oil Awarded 2018 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech Sujit Kangsabanik Condition Monitoring of Bushing of Oil-filled Power Transformers by using Thermo-graphic Tool Awarded 2018 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech Kingshuk Chatterjee A novel Prediction Certainty based Graphical Dissolved Gas Analysis Technique for Oil- Filled Power Transformer Awarded 2018 Dr. Vinay Jadoun
M.Tech Ujjawal Prakash Bhushan Evaluation of Health Index Assessment of Power Transformers Located in HPSEB Substation Awarded 2018 Dr. Vinay Jadoun
M.Tech Atul Jaysing Patil Condition Assessment Of Transformers Feeding Steel Mills Awarded 2020 -
M.Tech Arush Singh Reliability Centric Condition Monitoring of Transformers to prevent failures Awarded 2020 Dr Rajiv K Sharma
M.Tech Aniket Chaturvedi Morphological Characterization & Dielectric properties of Nano Composites Awarded 2020 Dr Jai Prakash
Ph.D Prashant K Tiwari Optimal Location of FACTS Devices in Deregulated Environment of Power Systems Awarded 2013 Dr Y R Sood, Prof. EED NITH
Ph.D Sanjiba K Bisoyi A Novel Approach to Power Quality Improvements In Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion Systems Awarded 2015 Prof. R A Gupta, MNIT Jaipur
Ph.D Sanjeev K Bhalla Power Quality Improvements in DFIG Applications for Wind Energy Conversion Systems Awarded 2016 -
Ph.D Mohan Rao Ungarala Aging Investigations on Ester And Mixed Dielectric Fluids for Transformers Awarded 2017 -
Ph.D Vivek Dubey Wireless Sensor Network Energy Efficient MOTE Transfer for Voice Applications Awarded 2017 -
Ph.D Anant K Verma Grid Synchronization Techniques for Smart PV Inverters Thesis Submitted 2021 Dr Chandrasekaran S.


Name Reg./Ref.No. Date of Award/Filling Organization Status
Grain drier for paddy, wheat, oil seeds and similar agricultural material 170629 (A.No.12964) 23/07/1993 Controller of Patents, Patent Office, Calcutta Granted
Software Implementation of Hostel/ Public Building Appl. No. 1109/DEL/2012 11/04/2012 Patent Office, New Delhi Filled

Conference/Workshop/Courses Organized

Category Type Title Venue From To Designation

Expert Talks

Title Place Year Description of Event
Emerging High Voltage Insulations & Research Activities under TIFAC CORE IIT BHU Varanasi 2021 Faculty Development Program in Electrical Engineering
Characterization of Nano fluid insulations NIT Kurukshetra 2018 Faculty Development Program in Electrical Engineering
Research Activities under TIFAC CORE IIT Ropar 2017 IEEE DEIS Sponsored International Conference CATCON -2017


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