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Name : Dr. Raj Kaushal
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Chemistry
Qualification : Ph.D
Phone : 254154
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Inorganic Chemistry

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Educational Qualification

Name of the Degree Year of Passing Institute/University
B.Sc 1999 MCM DAV College Kangra
M.Sc 2001 Deptt of Chemistry, HPU Shimla
Ph.D. 2007 Deptt of Chemistry, HPU Shimla
Cert. Course in German 2005 HPU Shimla
Joint CSIR-UGC (NET) for JRF 2001 CSIR, New Delhi

Teaching Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To Total Experience
Assistant Professor National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (HP) 30/12/2009 11/10/2020 11 years
Assistant professor (Pre revised) PTU, Jalandhar 01/09/2008 29/12/2009 1.5 year

Administrative Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To
Assistant Warden Parvati Girls Hostel, NIT Hamirpur 10/02/2011 30/06/2013
Warden Parvati Girls Hostel, NIT Hamirpur 09/02/2021

Research Experience

Research Interests :
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Research Projects
Role Project Type Title Funding Agency From To Amount Status Co-Investigator Sanction Order Sanction Date
PI Extramural Research Grant Designing, preparation, characterization and antiproliferative activity of titanium based drugs SERB DST New Delhi 01/04/2016 31/03/2018 11 lacs completed NIL 453/2014 10/03/2016

Journal Publications

Year Journal Author(s) Publication Indexing
2020 Applied Organometallic Chemistry M. Kaur and Raj Kaushal synthesis, characterization, and α‐amylase and α‐glucosidase inhibition studies of novel vanadyl chalcone complexes, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 34, page 1-17, 2020 DOI: 10.1002/aoc.6042 SCI
2020 Journal of Chemical Sciences Raj Kaushal, Archana Thakur , Astha Bhatia , Saroj Arora , Kiran Nehra Synthesis, characterization, DNA-binding and biological studies of novel titanium (IV) complexes, Journal of Chemical Sciences, 132(1) 2020 SCI, SCI(E)
2020 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Archana Thakur, Kiran Nehra, Saroj Arora, Raj Kaushal Synthesis, characterization, DNA-interactions, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer studies of mixed-ligand titanocene dichloride complexes, Vol 12 (3), 1180-89, 2020 Scopus
2020 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Archana Thakur and Raj Kaushal Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, DNA interactions, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Titanium (II) indole complexes, Res. J. Chem. Environ. Vol. 24 (7), 126-145, 2020. Scopus
2019 Inorganic and nano metal Chemistry Nitesh Kumar, Raj Kaushal, Anshun Chaudhary, Saroj Arora, and Pamita Awasthi Titanium based mixed ligand complexes: synthesis, spectroscopic and in vitro antiproliferative studies, Inorganic and nano metal Chemistry, 2019, 1-10 DOI: 10.1080/24701556.2019.1569690 Scopus
2018 Anti cancer agents in Medicinal Chemistry Raj Kaushal, Nitesh Kumar, Archana Thakur, Kiran Nehra, Pamita Awasthi, Rajeev Kaushal and Saroj Arora Synthesis, spectral characterization, antibacterial and anticancer activity of some titanium complexes, Anti cancer agents in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 18, 2018, 739-746. DOI : 10.2174/1871520618666171219122431. SCI(E)
2016 International journal of Medicinal Chemistry Raj Kaushal, Sheetal Thakur and Kiran Nehra ct-DNA Binding and Anti-bacterial Activity of Octahedral Titanium (IV) Heteroleptic (Benzoylacetone and Hydroxamic Acids) Complexes, International journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 2361214, 11 pages web of science (Scopus)
2016 Russian journal of General Chemistry Sheetal, Kiran Nehra, Rajeev Kaushal, Saroj Arora, Davinder Kaur, Raj Kaushal Octahedral Titanium (IV) Complexes with Five Novel Hydroximates Ligands: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization And In Vitro Activities On IMR-32 And CHO Cell Line And Ten Bacterial Strains, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2016, vol 86, issue 1, 154–160. SCI
2016 Russian journal of General Chemistry Sheetal and Raj Kaushal In vitro Anticancer and Antibacterial Activities of Octahedral Ruthenium(III) Complexes with Hydroxamic Acids Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization, Russian journal of General Chemistry, 2016, vol 86, issue 2. SCI
2015 Biochemistry Research International Pamita Awasthi, Nitesh Kumar, Raj Kaushal, Mohan Kumar and Shrikant Kukreti Comparative In Vitro Binding Studies of TiCl2(dpme)2,Ti(ada)2(bzac)2, and TiCl2(bzac)(bpme) Titanium Complexes with Calf-Thymus DNA, Biochemistry Research International,Volume 2015, Article ID 836928, 7 pages Scopus
2014 Medicinal Chemistry Research Nitesh Kumar, Raj Kaushal, Ashun Chaudhary, Saroj Arora and Pamita Awasthi, synthesis, structure elucidation and in vitro antiproliferative activities of mixed ligand titanium complexes, Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2014, vol 23(5) page 1-12 DOI 10.1007/s00044-014-0963-7. SCI (E)
2014 International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Raj Kaushal, Sheetal, Rajeev Kaushal and Kiran Nehra synthesis, characterization and biological screening of titanium(IV) complexes derived from antibiotic drugs, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014 Vol 6, Issue 2, 374-378 Scopus
2014 Bioinorganic Chemistry and applications Raj Kaushal, Nitesh Kumar, Ashun Chaudhary, Saroj Arora and Pamita Awasthi Synthesis, spectral characterization and Antiproliferative studies of mixed ligand titanium complexes of adamantylamine , Bioinorganic Chemistry and applications, Volume 2014, Article ID 142828, 1-12 2014 Scopus, SCI(E)
2013 Turkish journal of Chemistry Raj Kaushal, Nitesh Kumar, Pamita Awasthi and Kiran Nehra Syntheses, characterization and antibacterial study of titanium complexes, Turkish journal of Chemistry, vol 37, issue 6 ,936-945,2013. SCI (E)
2013 Chemical Engineering Transactions Raj Kaushal & Sheetal Thakur Syntheses and biological screening of Schiff base complexes of titanium (IV), Chemical Engineering Transactions, vol 32, page1801-1806, 2013 . Scopus
2012 Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology Raj Kaushal & S.S. Bhatt Mono(acetylacetonato) zirconium(iv) aryloxides : synthesis, reactivity and thermoanalytical investigation, Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology , Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 6–16. -
2011 International Journal of Current Research & Review Raj Kaushal, Nitesh Kumar, Rajeev Kaushal and Pamita Awasthi An insight into metal based anti-cancer drugs, International Journal of Current Research & Review, vol 03 , issue 7 , page, 2011. Scopus
2009 International Journal of theoretical and applied Sciences SS Bhatt, Kumari R, Sharma N and Chaudhry SC New aryloxide derivatives of monochlorotris (acetylacetonato) zirconium(IV). International Journal of theoretical and applied Sciences, Vol 1(1), 2009, 57-63. ESCI
2007 J. Indian chemical Society Chaudhry SC Kumar A, Bhatt SS, Kumari R, and Sharma N Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of tin(II) 2, 4-dinitrophenoxide J. Indian chemical Society, Vol. 84, 2007, 230-235. SCI (E)
2005 J. Indian chemical Society Bhatt SS, Kumari R, Sharma N and Chaudhry SC Mixed ligand (acetylacetonate) (chlorophenoxo) zirconium (IV) complexes and their reactivity, J. Indian chemical Society, Vol. 82, 2005, 354-356. SCI (E)
2004 Indian Journal of Chemistry Bhatt SS, Kumari R, Sharma N and Chaudhry SC Synthesis of new bis(2,4-pentanedionato)zirconium(IV) aryloxides and their thermal studies, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 43 A, 778-781(2004). SCI (E)
2021 Journal of Coordination Chemistry Raj Kaushal and M. Kaur Bio-medical potential of chalcone derivatives and their metal complexes as antidiabetic agents: a review SCI
2021 Applied Nanoscience Pratibha Sharma, Jaibir Kherb, Jai Prakash· Raj Kaushal A novel and facile green synthesis of SiO2 nanoparticles for removal of toxic water pollutants SCI

Conference Publications

Year Conference Author(s) TitleIndexing

Book/Chapters Written

Type Title Publisher Author(s) ISBN/ISSN No. Year
Ref Mixed Ligand (acetyacetonato) (chlorophenoxo) zirconium(IV) Complexes Lambert Academic Publishing Raj Kaushal & Sarvjeet Singh 978-3-8443-0494-7 2011

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Superivisor(s)
Ph.D NItesh Kumar Synthesis , characterization, biological evaluation and computational study of Titanium Complexes completed 2015 Dr Pamita awasthi
Ph.D Sheetal Synthesis , characterization and biological evaluation of titanium and ruthenium complexes with biologically important ligands completed 2016
Ph.D Archana Thakur Titanium –Indole complexes and their biological Applications completed 2021
Ph.D Mandeep Kaur Chalcone based vanadium complexes, their antibacterial and antidiabetic studies ongoing 2017
M.Tech Neha Kumari Computational chemistry and type 2 Diabetes melletus completed 2017
M.Tech Shaifali Sharma Cobalt chalcone complexes and their in silico alpha glucosidase inhibition completed 2018
M.Tech Akanksha Katoch Synthesis of mixed ligand complexes of titanium using indole and substituted phenols completed 2018
M.Tech Vikrant Taliyan Synthesis of alkoxo phenoxo titanium (IV) complexes and their ct-DNA cleavage study using Agarose gel electrophoresis completed 2019
M.Tech Ajay Organotin(IV) complexes of aminoacid Schiff bases and their ct-DNA interactions completed 2019
M.Tech Harish Kumar Harit Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and ct-DNA ligation of vanadium(IV) indole complexes completed 2019
Ph.D Pratibha Sharma Synthesis and Functionalization of Silica Nanoparticles for Removal of Water Pollutants ongoing 2018 Dr Jai Prakash


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Conference/Workshop/Courses Organized

Category Type Title Venue From To Designation
stc MHRD Funded Advances in Material Characterization (ATMC 2013), 20-24 May, 2013 sponsored by MHRD and DBT, New Delhi). NIT, Hamirpur 20/05/2013 24/05/2013 Coordinator
stc Self Financed 06 days short term course on computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD-2016), NIT, Hamirpur 12/12/2017 17/12/2017 Coordinator
conference MHRD Funded National conference on Analytical Chemistry and Molecular spectroscopy 2016 (ACMS-2016) NIT, Hamirpur 13/10/2016 14/10/2016 organising secretary
workshop Self Financed Training –cum –workshop on Newest Technology of bioinformatics, drug discovery and molecular simulations NIT, Hamirpur 22/04/2016 23/04/2016 Coordinator

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