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Profile Summary

Name : Dr. Ravinder Nath
Designation : Associate Professor
Department : Electrical Engineering
Qualification : PhD
Phone : 254532
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Date of Birth : 01-01-1970
Joining Date : 01-01-1970


Signal Processing & Control

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Educational Qualification

Name of the Degree Year of Passing Institute/University
B.E. (Electrical Engineering) 1987 MMM Engineering College, Gorakhpur
M.Tech. Electrical Engineering (Control System) 1991 REC Kurukshetra (Now, NIT Kurukshetra)
Ph.D. 2006 IIT Kanpur

Teaching Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To Total Experience
Lecturer REC Hamirpur 19/08/1991 31/07/1997 6 years
Sr. Lecturer REC Hamirpur 01/08/1997 31/07/2002 5 years
Lecturer (SG) NIT Hamirpur 01/08/2002 30/06/2006 4 years
Associate Professor NIT Hamirpur 01/07/2006 14 years

Administrative Experience

Position Held Department And Organization From To
Warden NIT Hamirpur (Mani Mahesh Hostel) 01/02/2006 12/02/2008
Coordinator: Institute Time Table and Class Room Infrastructure and Management NIT Hamirpur 11/02/2010 08/03/2011
Head Electrical Engineering Department, NIT Hamirpur 09/02/2011 07/01/2014
Chairman, SPGC NIT Hamirpur 07/01/2014 06/01/2016
Faculty In-charge Admission (CCMT) NIT Hamirpur 07/01/2014 06/01/2016
Coordinator, DASA NIT Hamirpur 06/01/2016 06/03/2019
Associate Dean (Examination) NIT Hamirpur 01/05/2018 30/04/2020
Associate Dean (Electrical Works and Maintenance) NIT Hamirpur 30/04/2020

Research Experience

Research Interests : Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing
Brief Research Profile :
Research Projects
Role Project Type Title Funding Agency From To Amount Status Co-Investigator Sanction Order Sanction Date
Co- PI Research & Development Automatic recognition of Dialects of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh State Council for Science Technology & Environment (HIMCOSTE) 31/03/2018 31/03/2020 4,65,000 On-going Dr. Amit Kaul (Principal Investigator) SCSTE/F(8)-1/2017-5081-82 dated 28-12-2017 31/03/2018

Journal Publications

Year Journal Author(s) Publication Indexing
2003 IE(I) Journal-ID (India) M.N. Bandyopadhyay, R.N. Sharma, and R. Prakash Extended Kalman Filter Approach to Joint State and Parameter Estimation, 84, pp 19-23 --
2010 Signal Processing T. P. Bhardwaj and R. Nath Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Time Delays in Multipath Acoustic Channel, 90, no. 5, pp. 1750-1754 SCI(E)
2011 Int. J. Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering R. Nath, A.K. Chaturvedi, and G. Sharma Blind Estimator for Time Delays in Multipath Acoustic Channel- Estimator Performance versus Noise and Number of Multipath, Vol. 4, No.1, pp. 13 – 20 Scopus
2011 Computers & Electrical Engineering R. Nath Modified Generalized Autocorrelation based Estimator for Time Delays in Multipath Environment-A Trade off in Estimator Performance and Number of Multipath, Vol. 37, No. 3, pp. 241-252 SCI(E)
2012 Int. J. Biomedical Engineering and Technology P. Saini, A. Kaul, and R. Nath Comparative Analysis of QRS Impulse Detection, Vol. 9, No.2, pp. 177 – 187 Scopus
2012 Journal of Applied Security Research Nisha Gautam, A. Kaul, R. Nath, A.S Arora, and Sushil Chauhan Multi-algorithmic Approach for ECG Based Human Recognition, Vol. 7, No.4, pp. 399 – 408 Scopus
2012 Advanced Materials Research Alaka Barik, R. Nath, Asutosh Kar and Madhuparna Chakraborty Adaptive Multiple Sub-Filters Based Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Vol. 433-440, pp. 3022 – 3027 --
2013 Circuits, Systems & Signal Processing R. Nath Adaptive Echo Cancellation Based on a Multipath Model of Acoustic Echo, Vol.32, No. 4, pp. 1673 – 1698 SCI(E)
2015 Int. J. Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering R. Nath Detection of Multiple Paths in Signal Propagation, Vol. 8, No.3 pp. 187 – 197 Scopus
2016 Nonlinear Dynamics V. Sharma, V. Agrawal, B. B. Sharma and R. Nath Unknown input nonlinear observer design for continuous and discrete time systems with input recovery scheme, Vol. 85, Issue 1, pp.645-658 SCI(E)
2016 ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) G. Jaswal, A. Kaul, and R. Nath Knuckle Print Biometrics and Fusion Schemes--Overview, Challenges, and Solutions, Vol. 49, No. 2, pp.1-34 SCI(E)
2017 Chaos, Solitons & Fractals V. Sharma, B. B. Sharma and R. Nath Nonlinear unknown input sliding mode observer based chaotic system synchronization and message recovery scheme with uncertainty, Vol. 96, pp.51-58 SCI
2017 International Journal of Dynamics and Control V. Sharma, B. B. Sharma and R. Nath Unknown Input Reduced Order Observer based Synchronization Framework for Class of Nonlinear Systems Scopus
2017 Multimedia Tools and Applications G. Jaswal, A. Nigam, and R. Nath Deep Knuckle: Revealing the Human Identity, Vol.76, No. 18, pp 18956-18984 SCI(E)
2018 Computers and Electrical Engineering G. Jaswal, A. Kaul, and R. Nath Multiple Feature Fusion for Unconstrained Palm print Authentication, Vol.72, pp. 53–78, 2018. SCI(E)
2019 Soft Computing G. Jaswal, A. Nigam, A. Kaul, R. Nath and AK Singh Bring your own hand: How a Single Sensor is bringing Multiple Biometrics together, Vol.23, pp. 9121–9139, 2019 SCI(E)

Conference Publications

Year Conference Author(s) TitleIndexing
2003 IEEE TENCON 2003, at Bangalore (India) R. N. Sharma, A. K. Chaturvedi and G. Sharma Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Multiple Sub-filters --
2004 Proc. IEEE TENCON 2004, Chiang Mai, Thailand R. N. Sharma, A. K. Chaturvedi and G. Sharma Multipath Time Delay Estimation in Acoustic Channel --
2006 Proc. European Signal Processing Conference, (EUSIPCO 2006), Italy R. N. Sharma, A. K. Chaturvedi and G. Sharma Tracking Behaviour of Acoustic Echo Canceller using Multiple Sub-filters --
2008 Proc. 2nd IEEE Int. Conf. Signal Processing and Communication Systems, 2008. (ICSPCS’ 2008), Gold Coast, Australia, December 2008 T. P. Bhardwaj and R. Nath Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Time Delays in Multipath Acoustic Channel --
2009 Proc. 2009 IEEE Int. Advanced Computing Conf. (IACC’ 2009), pp.3231-3235, Patiala, India, March, 2009 T. P. Bhardwaj and R. Nath Approximated CRB for Multipath Time Delay Estimator Problem in Low SNR Condition --
2009 Proc. Eighteenth Int. Conf. of Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics on Interdisciplinary Mathematical and Statistical Techniques (IMST 2009-FIM XVIII), Waknaghat, India, August, 2009 T. P. Bhardwaj and R. Nath Blind Time Delay Estimator for Multipath Acoustic Channel --

Book/Chapters Written

Type Title Publisher Author(s) ISBN/ISSN No. Year
Book Title:Computation and Communication Technologies Nonlinear Unknown Input Sliding Mode Observer for Chaotic Synchronization and Message Recovery De Gruyter (International) Vivek Sharma, BB Sharma & R. Nath DOI http: 2016
Book Title:The Bio-metric Computing Recognition and Registration Advances in Unconstrained Handprint Biometrics Chapman and Hall G. Jaswal, A. Kaul, R. Nath ISBN 978-0-8153-9364-1 2019
Book Title: Handbook of Multimedia Information Security: Techniques & Applications Finger Biometrics for e-Health Security CRC Press (International) G. Jaswal, A. Nigam, R. Nath ISBN 978-3-030-15887-3 2019

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Superivisor(s)
Ph.D Tarkeshwar Prasad Bhardwaj Multiple Sub-Filter based Adaptive Echo Cancellation in Acoustic Channel Awarded 2014
Ph.D Gaurav Jaswal Multimodal Biometric Authentication using Palmer and Dorsal Hand Patterns Awarded 2018
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Nonlinear Unknown Input Observer Design With Application to Synchronization Awarded 2018 Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma


Name Reg./Ref.No. Date of Award/Filling Organization Status

Conference/Workshop/Courses Organized

Category Type Title Venue From To Designation
conference National Technological Advances and Computational Techniques in Electrical Engineering (TACT-2009) NIT Hamirpur 16/03/2009 17/03/2009 Organizing Secretary
conference National Electrical Systems and Energy Technologies (ESET-2013) NIT Hamirpur 28/06/2013 29/06/2013 Co-Chairman
workshop National Power Transformer Diagnostics NIT Hamirpur 14/03/2009 15/03/2009 Organizing Secretary
stc National Signal Processing and Advances in Control (SPAC) NIT Hamirpur 10/07/2007 14/07/2007 Coordinator
stc National Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence with Applications in Biomedical Engineering (SPAIBE) NIT Hamirpur 16/06/2008 27/06/2008 Coordinator
stc National Advanced Signal Processing with Applications in Matlab (ASPAM) NIT Hamirpur 13/07/2009 17/07/2009 Coordinator
stc National Digital Signal Processing with Applications in Matlab (DSPAM) NIT Hamirpur 18/07/2016 23/07/2016 Coordinator
fdp GIAN (National) Structural Health Monitoring by Full-Field Measurement Techniques and Simulation Models NIT Hamirpur 16/06/2018 22/06/2018 Coordinator

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